About Us

LabPharm is one of the nation’s leading ancillary service companies offering clinical continuum of care with a focus on maximizing quality outcomes while lowering the overall cost of treatment. We understand the business of medicine and we are established to serve physicians and their practices by providing the resources they need to walk patients through their medical journey. LabPharm is there every step of the way to enable patient healing and secure practice protection.The LabPharm mission is to partner our ancillary services with physicians to provide a higher quality of care, increase patient safety and lower the cost of treatment.

Mission Statement

We empower physicians by delivering accurate, personalized and revolutionary results in areas of hereditary cancer, pharmacogenomics and toxicology. Now, physicians are provided with an unmatched insight into the individual. Such insight is driving continued development in and customization of patient care, leading to improved patient outcome. LabPharm responds to the ever-changing needs of the medical community by remaining at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements.

Our full range of clinical services provides a solid framework for successful treatment and improved patient outcomes. The blueprint of our model is the culmination of many years of practical clinical experience by medical doctors, tenured administrative experts as well as nationally recognized sales teams who know first-hand what it takes to be effective for the patient and for the physician’s practice.