Dear Fellow Chiropractor,

I would like formally to introduce you to LabPharm! LabPharm is a one-stop-solution for all Lab, Pharmacy and Ancillary Services.

As a multi-specialty clinic, LabPharm will provide you, your patients and your practice, the most innovative and cutting-edge products and services in the market, while providing the highest-quality medical care. If your practice is not currently categorized as a multi-specialty office, then one of our in-house consultants can help you to compliantly transform your practice in order to expand your list of service offerings.

As a chiropractor myself and owner of several multi-specialty medical clinics, Labpharm provided me an all-encompassing solution for both my practice, and more importantly my patients. LabPharm also offers me as a business owner the ability to increase my revenues through the Ancillary services offered, thereby affording me the ability to expand my practice and open multiple locations.

For those of you not currently operating a practice, but have a strong network of physicians and multi-specialty offices, LabPharm offers a comprehensive compensation package for our representatives.

To learn more about LabPharm and how to participate, please click on the link below to schedule a time to discuss this opportunity with our Director of Clinical Operations:

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Should you have any questions in regards to LabPharm, please schedule a time to speak directly with our CEO & Director of Clinical Operations, Mr. Offer Danan.
His calendar can be accessed directly at:

Please direct all initial calls to the Main Customer Service line.
A LabPharm Specialist will connect you with the appropriate party.