Dear Physician Partners,

Dr. Collier and Labpharm would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and learn about Labpharm and its services. LabPharm is excited to welcome you to our Physician Revenue Platform, which will allow you, the physician to increase revenues in a compliant manner.

Labpharm is here to guide you every step of the way by adding your requested services to your practice. We will work together to make these additions smooth, efficient, effective and profitable.

Thank you for submitting your Practice Analysis and the Requested Services Form. Based on that vital information we have developed a strategic “call to action”. Our objective will be to facilitate the steps to achieve your goals in working with LabPharm and our ancillary Partners.

A Labpharm consultant will be assigned to you and your practice, they will be available to answer any questions regarding the services for which you have shown interest. Your LabPharm consultant is knowledgeable in all aspects of the LabPharm Platforms, including all revenue streams. They may make suggestions or recommendations based on their experience, however they are there to assist you in customizing a comprehensive program that will allow you to offer the highest quality of services to your patients, at the same time assisting you in increasing revenues for your practice. Your Consultant will be contacting you directly, as well as your assigned office manager, to schedule a call or a site visit if local, and coordinate your requested services.

The services you have requested can be implemented rather quickly. We have put together a very simple yet effective call to action. This provides us a timeline to begin offering these new products or services in a specific order.

Once we have completed the call to action meeting and established your timeline, we will begin implementing your new services with our ancillary partners to provide the services you have requested. Our goal is to customize the services that are strategic for your practice and that will assure success while increasing revenue. Our consultant will be by your side to train, inform and assure your office is comfortable offering these ancillary services.

We welcome you to LabPharm and look forward to working together in the near future



Tori Matthews MA-CPT

Ancillary Consultant for Labpharm



Millard J. Collier Jr., MD

Chief Medical Officer LabPharm LLC

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