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Due to this partnership, Labpharm will be able to offer Top Level %’s.
We will be working with a limited number of distribution groups on this product.

We are proud to announce that our companies, Allergy Labs of America and LabPharm, have entered into a strategic partnership with AllergyPro! The AllergyPro platform brings us a new proprietary finger stick blood-drop allergy cards are Exclusive to AllergyPro! This option has ZERO COST for the clinicians, and is billed through our IN-NETWORK lab partner!

Instead of the customary full blood draw on a patient, your physicians will be able to perform a “finger stick” and require only a few drops of blood on the allergy card to test for Inhalant and Non-Inhalant Allergies! This same card is then sent off and processed through our exclusive, IN-NETWORK Lab Partner! AllergyPro is the Allergy solution for Providers, meaning their simple, affordable, safe, and effective solution can be used by a broad range of practitioners (i.e. pediatrics, urgent care, dermatology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, OBGYN, and small volume family practices).

We are very excited to have united the Allergy Labs of America and AllergyPro models to be able to offer a comprehensive allergy solution for your providers throughout the country. This new partnership affords your doctors a wide range of allergy solutions that can only be found at LabPharm!

LabPharm has secured an Exclusive National Partnership with a network of 200+ Pharmacies which will Pay Commissions on ALL Prescriptions! We are all familiar with being compensated on compounds and new single NDC products, but what if you could be compensated on EVERY PRESCRIPTION that your physicians write? Well now you can!

This includes ALL Specialties, and ALL Prescriptions (Humira, Crestor, Nexium, Advair, Vicodin, Abilify, Viagra, etc.)! This will be a game changer! We have been actively vetting this opportunity out and working through the kinks… This will be available to LabPharm Distributors next week!

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