Thank you for joining the LabPharm team! We are proud to partner in our newest platform that provides services specifically tailored to offer Physicians additional sources of revenue!

It was our goal to not only create a platform that offered the customary lab and pharmaceutical services, but to also focus on helping our physician partners increase their revenue, while offering a broad range of medical services to improve overall patient care.

With our experience in operating Health Fairs USA and Allergy Labs of America, we have been able to offer our participating physicians new patient referrals, and bring additional revenue to their practice. This experience has also allowed us to establish strong relationships with a proven track record. By utilizing the same services as your physician practices in our Health Fairs, we have proven their capabilities on our own time, not yours. It is this experience through which LabPharm was born!

LabPharm is one of the nation’s leading ancillary service companies offering clinical continuum of care with a focus on maximizing quality outcomes. LabPharm offers the “Best of both worlds”, being a physician owned and operated company that was created with a very strong emphasis on its distributors. We truly understand how important the “balance” in profitability is between “Physician” and “Distributor”. A well “balanced” relationship will be one which is mutually beneficial, and increases revenue for both parties over a long period
of time. Unlike any other organization of its kind, LabPharm offers an extensive line of ancillary revenue streams all under one roof, for our distributors, as well as their physicians.

Each very organization is defined by their culture and structure, and we are no different. Moving forward we would like to introduce the following set calls each week. We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we will always remain available for individual calls as well, based around your schedule.

We will offer the following:

  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Weekly Update Calls on each Modality
  • Weekly Training Calls on each Modality

We will welcome follow up questions on all calls, and will introduce guest speakers as well.

Payments will come directly from LabPharm on the 25th of each month.



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Data Analyst:  Jay Nguyen has joined our team as our Full-Time Data Analyst. Jay’s sole purpose with our organization is to assure that you have the visibility and transparency that you need. He developed our new portal which we are extremely excited about and will be outlined below. He will also be available to pull any type of manual reports that you may need for your organization, assist in missing info in the portal, and any other visibility needs that you may have.

*Your physicians will be tagged based on your dedicated fax line. However as secondary assurance, simply email your current and future doctors for tagging purposes to:

Pharmacy Customer Service Manager: Meagan Still is our new Pharmacy Customer Service Manager. Meagan has 6+ years of experience in pharmacy customer service and is available full-time to assist you. Should you have any questions regarding the status of prescriptions, missing information, questions for our pharmacy partners, etc. Meagan will assure you get what you need in a timely manner! We look forward to you connecting with her as she is an amazing asset and we are pleased to welcome her to the team!

Weekly Updates Call Wednesdays at 5pm EST
  • Overview of Updates
  • New Partnerships
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Physician Services
  • Q&A Session

Call Info:

Dial in #: (712) 775-7031
Pin #: 983-844-995

Please direct all initial calls to the Main Customer Service line.
A LabPharm Specialist will connect you with the appropriate party.